Stella Novus in the Media

As Ancient Origins has expanded to become the number 1 ranked ancient history website in the world, the media has begun to take a keen interest into what Ancient Origins has to say about a range of fascinating subjects, from Satanism to Solar Worship!

Press Release

Stella Novus to Present a Digital Content Marketing Platform To Rule Them All

Dublin - August 23, 2017

Stella Novus Ltd. will present a unique Digital Content Marketing Platform at the Web Summit 2017, which revolutionises contemporary Digital and Social Media Marketing. It is a highly innovative product that uses Artificial Intelligence to accumulate and build upon all the benefits of Content Marketing optimization.

The Birth of Ancient Origins, Stella Novus’ First Project

My husband, Ioannis Syrigos, and I launched Ancient Origins in February 2013, while living in Greece at that time. While both of us have backgrounds in science, we shared a common interest in history, world events, and human origins and frequently watched documentaries and read books on these subjects. We decided to create a website to share the things we learned about through our own research and we did this primarily out of personal interest – we were both working full-time in other fields.