Stella Novus a FINALIST in the SFA Awards 2021

Ancient Origins (Stella Novus) has been announced as a finalist of Ireland's National Small Business Awards, and awarded a very generous prize package of national and local media exposure. Only possible thanks to our great team, which is more like family! Well done Team.

SFA Awards - Stella Novus

EU Seal of Excellence

Ancient Routes (under the original name Archaeoadvisor), received the Seal of Excellence from the European Union in 2019 (Project Proposal: 876839) and since then we have been working to make the project live!

EU Seal of Excellence

Stella Novus in the Media

As Ancient Origins has expanded to become the number 1 ranked ancient history website in the world, the media has begun to take a keen interest into what Ancient Origins has to say about a range of fascinating subjects, from Satanism to Solar Worship!