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Stella Novus to Present a Digital Content Marketing Platform To Rule Them All

Dublin - August 23, 2017

Stella Novus Ltd. will present a unique Digital Content Marketing Platform at the Web Summit 2017, which revolutionises contemporary Digital and Social Media Marketing. It is a highly innovative product that uses Artificial Intelligence to accumulate and build upon all the benefits of Content Marketing optimization.

Viral Content creation and Marketing is expensive and difficult to control. Stella Novus’s Digital Content Marketing Platform addresses a major requirement in the Digital Content Marketing area that has become increasingly important - one Platform to combine all major Social Media and SEO statistics, content suggestions, content performance and competitor analysis. It works through a self-improving Artificial Intelligence core that learns and improves on its own – the more customers it handles, the more intelligent it becomes, adapting faster to new customers.

Stella Novus is an Irish registered business launched initially in February 2013 as an Australian partnership and incorporated in September 2016 in Ireland. Stella Novus is active in two main pillars: Artificial Intelligence, and the investigation and publishing of scientific and historical research in cooperation with a network of established writers.

Members of the Board of Directors possess extensive experience and knowledge in Artificial Intelligence with numerous connections to the industry and educational institutes and with participation in more than 40 R&D projects, the vast majority related to Artificial Intelligence. High competence in Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Web Design and Development, Software Development, Market Research and Product Management round up the profile of the company.

Proficiency in Artificial Intelligence and a strong Digital Marketing background ensure a highly innovative product that is hard to imitate. “One Digital Content Marketing Platform to rule them all”, says Ioannis Syrigos PhD, Stella Novus’s Managing Director and founder. Increase your odds for success and get the lead over your competitors by exploiting Stella Novus’s game-changing innovation.

Stella Novus was established to set up and run a number of diverse businesses and projects. Currently, these include Novus Web Solutions, which offers web design and development, IT consulting, e-commerce and social media marketing; English with Jo, an online English teaching school; Ancient Origins, a website set up to explore the origins of mankind; Ancient Origins Premium, a membership site that delves deeper into Ancient history and archaeology; and Evolving Science, which focuses on latest technologies and innovations that have the potential to improve humanity's future. 

To learn more about Stella Novus, please contact

Stella Novus Limited

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Kostas Liampas, Business Development Manager

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Ioannis (John) Syrigos, Managing Director

Mob. +353 (0) 876 087 916 (IE), +44 (0) 7 595 373 884 (UK)

E-mail: [email protected]