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Ancient Routes

ANCIENT ROUTES. An easy, all-in-1 HISTORY TRAVEL PLATFORM to help you plan and book trips to discover the ancient past. A natural continuation of, the No 1 website WORLDWIDE in Ancient History & Archaeology.

Ancient Origins Magazine

We are continually scouring the planet to showcase unique histories, inspiring stories, and incredible experiences for creating Ancient Origins Magazine.

We constantly seek to break down boundaries into research, and to explore all aspects of history. Our vision is to collect stories from all over the world to deliver inspiration and challenge you to keep asking the questions— ‘how?’, ‘why?’ and ‘why not?’

Ancient Origins

At Ancient Origins we believe that one of the most important fields of knowledge we can pursue as human beings is our beginnings. With this in mind, our goal is to highlight the very latest archaeological findings, peer-reviewed academic research and evidence, as well as offering alternative viewpoints and explanations of science, archaeology, mythology, religion and history around the globe. We’re the only Pop Archaeology site combining scientific research with out-of-the-box perspectives.