Dr Ioannis Syrigos

Managing Director

Ioannis Syrigos received his BSc in Computer and Electrical Engineering in 1995 and then continued with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. His main scientific focus was to develop technology for speech and speaker recognition in an effort to improve human-machine interaction.

Ioannis has worked as an IT manager for almost 10 years, with a focus on Internet technologies.

Ioannis is passionate about technology and anything that can improve our quality of living and expand our understanding and knowledge of life and the universe. At the same time, he loves teaching, and has lectured at Universities and higher educational institutes for the past 16 years in Greece, the UK and Australia.

His interests include archaeology and world mythologies, as well as psychology and self-development. He loves trekking, scuba diving, skiing and undertaking expeditions to remote and unexplored regions.