Overall satisfaction, full transparency and continuous development are our core values.

Our Approach

We approach business with ambition, strong methodology, set objectives and clarity to achieve our goals.


Our current projects include: Ancient Origins, Evolving Science and Political Observer (TBA).

Our Mission

Stella Novus was established to set up and run a number of diverse businesses and projects. It was founded based on passion, interest, experience and expertise in a number of different domains including web and IT, online teaching, journalism and research in the fields of ancient history, science and politics.

Management Team

Dr Ioannis Syrigos

Co-founder and Managing Director, Ioannis has always been striving to make a difference.

Joanna Gillan

Co-founder, Director and Chief Editor, Joanna has a thirst for knowledge and likes to share what she learns with others

Prof. Nikolaos Fakotakis

Director, Nikos is an Expert in Artificial Intelligence with a deep interest in improving human-machine interaction at the highest level


To make sure everything is done properly to achieve the best possible result